Check out the updated Damacreat with saner controls, enemies and black holes!

This game was created for Ludum Dare 34 in 48 hours. The theme was 'Growing' and 'Two button controls'.

This is a post compo version, on which I've kept working after the 48 hours were over.


You are one of many. You are a Dark Matter Creature, a Damacreat. One of the lowest life forms existing in the vast space of Dark Matter. You have just evolved your first pair of Dark Energy dischargers. Once you learn how to navigate, you will have a better chance at surviving in the hostile environment that is Dark Matter.

It's eat or be eaten. Survive! Grow! Dominate!

Or so it should be. Luckily for you, God only had two days to create the Damacreats. And you are the first and only prototype with a digestive system. So it's just eat! Eat! EAT!


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Pretty fun actually :D

Glad you liked it :). I just updated the graphics and more things are still to come (like actual enemies and zooming out when the Damacreat grows).